Boeing Pre-Employment Training Program (BPET)

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Core Plus Aerospace students and students in aligned, hands-on programs at high schools, skills centers, and community and technical colleges across the state have a new door open to them. These students can apply for full-time positions at Boeing through the Boeing Pre-Employment Training Program (BPET), an accelerated hiring process that will allow them to skip the interview and go straight to the job offer process for the following Boeing job roles in Washington state:

  • Assembler/Installer General B (Starts at $23.50/hour)
  • Aircraft Structures Mechanic (Starts at $24.50/hour)
  • Integral Fuel Cell Assembly B (Starts at $25.50/hour)
  • Powered Equipment Operator – Cut C (Starts at $18.00/hour)
  • Assembler / Sub Assembly Fastener B (Starts at $19.00/hour)
  • Interiors Fab and Assembly Mechanic C (Starts at $18.00/hour)
  • Assembler Wire Group B (Starts at $18.00/hour)
  • Assembler Wire Group Repair (Starts at $19.00/hour)
  • Wing Skin Prep Mechanic B (Starts at $19.00/hour)
  • Composite Fabricator (Starts at $19.00/hour)
  • Assembler Weld and Duct B (Starts at $19.00/hour)

“Core Plus Aerospace and aligned hands-on programs across the state are preparing students with the skills Boeing employees use every day,” said Essentia Rivera, Senior Manager, Workforce Development at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “The skills they learn in BPET aligned programs are in-demand and will give them an advantage when applying for jobs and starting a career at Boeing.”

A full list of current BPET-certified courses and aligned job roles can be found here.

Key details for students from BPET certified programs include:

  • Must pass standard Boeing pre-hire contingencies.
  • Students will receive a Letter of Intent within five business days of applying and will then begin the offer process.
  • Students from BPET-certified programs can receive a BPET Enrollment Confirmation Form from their instructor. The BPET Enrollment Confirmation Form is valid for 24 months from the date signed by a student’s instructor. After this period, students can still apply for jobs at Boeing, they’ll just go through the standard hiring process, which includes an interview and can typically take 4-6 weeks.
  • Once hired, all Boeing manufacturing employees must successfully complete the new hire training process.

Resources for students and instructors