Real-World Skills.
Launching Careers.

Core Plus Aerospace is a two-year high school advanced manufacturing curriculum that prepares students for high-demand jobs through hands-on learning. Students gain real-world skills that open doors to good-paying manufacturing jobs and give them an advantage when applying for apprenticeships, post-high school certificates, and college degrees.

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For Students

Are you looking to get started on the pathway to an exciting career and learn skills that will help you succeed in an apprenticeship or college? Learn more about the curriculum and find a course near you.

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For Parents

Learn how Core Plus Aerospace can give your student a clear advantage when applying for a job in manufacturing, pursuing an apprenticeship, or preparing for college programs in applied sciences, engineering, or other related fields.

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For Educators

We offer resources and tools to answer your questions and help you show students, families, and other educators what Core Plus Aerospace is about and how it prepares students for success.

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