November News: Summer Internship Applications Open and more

Apply for the 2024 Core Plus Aerospace High School Summer Internship

Summer Internship Application Open for High School Students! 

Students can start planning their summer today by applying to the 2024 Core Plus Aerospace summer internship hosted by Boeing. Learn more about the internship here. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore an exciting industry, take your advanced-manufacturing skills to the next level, and build your resume with real-world experience. 

WATCH: Take a Look Inside a Core Plus Aerospace Classroom  

Core Plus Aerospace students collaborate with their teachers and peers, getting up-close and hands-on with intricate, intriguing projects. Watch these videos that feature Core Plus Aerospace programs at Franklin Pierce High School and Pierce County Skills Center to see learning by doing in action.  


A group photo of people standing in a museum. Behind the group are planes.

ICYMI – 1,000+ Core Plus Aerospace Grads Hired by Boeing! 

Boeing celebrated a milestone when it recently made its 1,000th hire from a Core Plus Aerospace program. Read the Seattle Times story about this milestone that featured Core Plus Aerospace graduates, a student, instructor and OSPI Superintendent, Chris Reykdal.


A Core Plus Aerospace graduate inside of a factory wearing safety glasses.

Core Plus Aerospace Launches Careers 

Learn what some of the Core Plus Aerospace grads that were hired by Boeing do in our new video series. These grads turned what they learned in the classroom and in the summer internship into a career.  Watch & Share