New resources make it easy to share Core Plus Aerospace with your community

A new tool kit is available to educators, families, and students to help communities across Washington state learn more about Core Plus Aerospace. Download the tool kit here.

The new tool kit is filled with resources including an infographic, fact sheets, and a brochure that give an overview of the curriculum, share student and teacher testimonials, and provide a snapshot for what a student’s pathway looks like with Core Plus Aerospace. The resources also describe the real world skills Core Plus Aerospace students learn that will give them a clear advantage after graduation whether they are applying for a job in manufacturing, pursuing an apprenticeship, or preparing for college programs in engineering or other related fields.

Core Plus Aerospace is a two-year program with the first year consisting of foundational courses that are common across all manufacturing industries (e.g. shop safety, materials science, and the use of hand/power tools). The second year consists of industry-specific courses, such as in aerospace, which allows students to further develop their skills in those areas.

Currently the tool kit features:

Teachers and guidance counselors can use the resources to help students and families learn more about Core Plus Aerospace. While families and students can learn if the program is a good fit for a student in high school.

Along with the tool kit, this website and our social media channels have links to videos of teacher and student testimonials about Core Plus Aerospace that can help your community learn about the program.

We’ll be adding more resources to the tool kit in the coming months. To get notified of new resources sign up for email updates and follow us on all social media channels by searching for coreplusaero.