Curriculum Spotlight: Print Reading

The Curriculum Spotlight series highlights a core instruction unit or skill set delivered through the Core Plus Aerospace curriculum. Our latest Spotlight on Print Reading digs into why it’s important, what students will learn, and how the curriculum connects to Washington state learning standards.

Skilled manufacturing workers rely on detailed engineering blueprints to construct and assemble complex parts. Among the skills needed to be successful in industry, students must be able to read and interpret blueprints, understand the terminology used, and form an accurate mental picture of a product to be produced. The Core Plus Aerospace curriculum provides Washington students with hands-on opportunities to lock in those skills while they are in high school, giving them a leg up on any number of opportunities after graduation, such as pursuing a manufacturing job, apprenticeship, or college.

Here’s a preview of the new Curriculum Spotlight (link to PDF):

Core Plus Aerospace students learn to read and interpret basic blueprints and engineering drawings. The curriculum covers fundamental blueprint terminology and provides students with a working knowledge of the alphabet of lines, drawing categories and authorities, drawing symbols, various drawing views, tolerancing, dimensioning, and classes of fits. Students also get hands-on experience drawing isometric and orthographic views, and constructing a project based on a drawing.

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