Connecting students to career and technical education opportunities is a team effort in the Puyallup School District (PSD). Helping lead that team is Maija Delaquin, the Director of Instructional Leadership for Career and Technical Education (CTE). 

“Having a CTE director that is able to handle all the logistics like board presentations, budgets and conversations with stakeholders, then hand over a ready-to-go curriculum, has been perfect,” said Jason Smith, principal at Rogers High School. “It’s a partnership, and students and teachers benefit.” 

When PSD launched Core Plus Aerospace classes in 2018, it prioritized supporting school leaders and teachers, and partnering with them in the implementation process. Maija’s approach to strategically including Core Plus Aerospace into the district’s career and technical education curriculum was a phased approach that introduced one section of the curriculum at a time. Maija said one of the things she likes about Core Plus Aerospace is that a district can start where they are and build their program over time.  

“Having support from school board members, principals, teachers, and the superintendent has made a huge difference in implementing Core Plus Aerospace,” Maija said. “There are a lot of twists and turns and having the support of our community has been very beneficial.” 

PSD also receives mentorship and supporrt from Boeing and now offers Core Plus Aerospace at its three comprehensive high schools and one alternative high school. 

“I’m excited for the opportunities and quality experiences Core Plus Aerospace provides our students,” said Dr. John Polm, superintendent at PSD. “Support from Boeing and other partners in industry have really helped make these programs a reality for our students.”