Pursuing a hands-on career pathway runs in David Cerio’s family.  

David teaches Core Plus Aerospace at Rogers High School in Puyallup. His brother teaches Core Plus Construction across the hall at the same school.  

David and his family have deep roots in Puyallup. He graduated from Rogers High School in 1993 and has taught there for the past eight years.  

“My goal is to give back to Rogers High School,” David said. “I don’t consider this a job. I get to go do this with all these great people.” 

David starts his Core Plus Aerospace class each day with a story about the manufacturing industry, and spends time talking to his students about what’s going on in their lives. The class then moves to the shop to work on hands-on projects, with more experienced students helping their peers. David says this fosters collaboration and teaches his students skills like communication and teamwork. Whether before, during, or after class, David is always available to answer students’ questions.  

“Students are hungry for hands-on learning opportunities,” David said. “I have students who want to stay after school to learn manufacturing skills.” 

When David’s Core Plus Aerospace students graduate high school, they will earn a certificate of competency backed by industry leaders that shows the advanced manufacturing skills and knowledge they’ve acquired. 

“The Core Plus Aerospace certificate is such a valuable tool for students,” David said. “It’s a checklist for all the skills a student has learned. Students can walk into an interview and sit down and articulate what they know straight out of high school.”