Tabitha Anderson

Seeing a huge 3D printer using a robotic arm at a college fair was a turning point in Tabitha Anderson’s life. She chose that day to pursue a career in mechatronics. 

Tabitha, a senior at Kent Meridian High School, is making her dream a reality as a Running Start student studying mechatronics at Green River College (GRC). At GRC, Tabitha is learning mechatronics – how to operate, maintain and repair modern industrial machinery like the robot she saw at the career fair.  

GRC is a Boeing-partnered manufacturing program. Its instructors have connections to work experiences like the Core Plus Aerospace summer internship, which Tabitha participated in during the summer of 2021.  

“During the internship, I gained insights into what it takes to succeed in the manufacturing industry, built hands-on manufacturing skills with the help of Boeing trainers, learned how to create a winning resume and participated in mock job interviews,” Tabitha said.  

Tabitha is on track to graduate high school in June and plans to complete an associate degree in mechatronics from GRC in December. Tabitha is also exploring pursuing an engineering degree at a four-year college. Her career goal is to become an aircraft mechanic and work in the aerospace industry. 

“More students should have the opportunity to explore manufacturing careers while still in high school – whether that’s at a mechatronics program at a college or by taking Core Plus Aerospace,” Tabitha said. “Every student should have opportunities to build a career with options and find what they really love to do.”