Aerospace manufacturing runs in Noah Cushman’s family. Both of Noah’s grandfathers worked in the aerospace industry. Now Noah is helping pass on the love of aerospace manufacturing that he got from his grandfathers to other students in his Core Plus Aerospace class. 

“I mentor other students and help them learn skills my Core Plus Aerospace teacher taught me,” said Noah, a junior at Emerald Ridge High School in the Puyallup School District. “When I mentor other students, it helps me learn and locks in the skills.”  

Noah has always been a hands-on learner. The skills he has gained through his Core Plus Aerospace class include how to operate the manual mill, CNC and lathe as well as universal skills like resilience, communication and organization. Noah has also learned skills that he uses regularly in his hobby of fixing cars.  

“Working on cars really sparked my interest in manufacturing,” Noah said. “When I was fixing my car I always thought, what if I was able to make those parts one day? Now I can.” 

Noah explored his interest in manufacturing through tours of local industry and by serving on Puyallup School District’s Career and Technical Education Advisory Board, where he gives the student perspective to the district’s CTE management team and community advisors to ensure the curriculum aligns with industry needs. Noah turned all these career exploration experiences into an AJAC apprenticeship at Quality Stamping and Machining. 

“A high school manufacturing course can be super beneficial for a student’s life,” Noah said. “It gives you skills that you can put on a resume and it can help you get hired. This program has helped me acquire an actual job in the industry that will help my future goals. I love it!”