SEATech Students learn skills that will take them anywhere


The career goals for Core Plus Aerospace students at SEATech Skills Center are diverse. Antonio Calcagni’s and Pablo Luna’s career goal is to be an engineer. Dakota Salazar wants to work in the construction industry. Javier Contreras wants to be a welder. The skills they learn in Core Plus Aerospace can help them achieve those goals.

“I encourage students to take Core Plus Aerospace because you learn a lot of cool stuff that you might use later on,” said Pablo, a junior. “I’m excited to see where this class takes me.”

Core Plus Aerospace students at SEATech are using their creativity and skills like plasma cutting, griding, and CNC machining to work on a variety of projects, like making a bench.

“Core Plus Aerospace class is unique because we put our hands-on skills to work on projects,” said Javier, a senior. “We better our skills set before we actually go into the workplace.”


SEATech students are also learning transferable skills that help them in any career they choose. Learning skills like communication helped Dakota in her Core Plus Aerospace class and will help in her career.

“I’ve learned a lot of communication skills,” Dakota, a junior said. “When I started this class, I was shy. “Now I’m more social and I can talk to people. I know how to ask for help.”

Antonio, a senior has always been in love with aerospace and engineering. Through Core Plus Aerospace he learned foundational advanced manufacturing skills to help him towards his goal of becoming an aerospace engineer.

“I think taking Core Plus Aerospace was the best experience I could have had in high school and the best decision I made,” Antonio said. “I’ve been able to talk to multiple people with aerospace-related degrees and they helped set a path for me.”