Curriculum Spotlight: Riveting

The Curriculum Spotlight series highlights a core instruction unit or skill set delivered through the Core Plus Aerospace curriculum. As a reminder, year one of Core Plus Aerospace focuses on skills common to all manufacturing environments. Year two dives further into skills specific to the aerospace industry.

In the latest Spotlight, we share information about Riveting, an important skill for anyone looking to enter the aerospace industry. Commercial aircraft production often relies on rivet joints to connect parts, as they are strong, durable, easy to inspect, and do not require the use of heat, which has the potential of damaging materials such as aluminum.

Some highlights from this new Curriculum Spotlight:

“Rivet installation and accuracy is critical in aircraft production and is the emphasis of Core Plus Aerospace coursework featuring classroom instruction and hands-on learning. Core Plus Aerospace instruction highlights rivet features, measurement, and classification of rivets, safety review, functional reading of instructions, project planning, and execution. Students have the opportunity to use a rivet gun, die, retaining spring, and bucking bar, along with personal protective equipment.”

The skills developed through Core Plus Aerospace can lead to career opportunities after graduation, including a job in manufacturing, earn and learn programs (such as apprenticeships), and certificate and degree programs. Depending on the school district, students can earn math, science, English, Career and Technical Education (CTE), and elective credits.

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