Curriculum Spotlight: Intro to Aerospace

The Curriculum Spotlight series highlights a core instruction unit or skill set delivered through the industry-backed Core Plus Aerospace curriculum. Our new Spotlight on Intro to Aerospace provides an overview of what students will learn and how the curriculum connects to Washington state learning standards.

The Core Plus Aerospace curriculum introduces students to the aerospace industry, from the history of flight and aviation science to how aircraft are made and maintained, through hands-on activities and classroom instruction. Students gain the ability to use models and simulations, develop solutions and make decisions based on information, use technology effectively, and more. Building these skills while still in high school gives Core Plus students an advantage as they pursue post-high school opportunities, such as certificate and degree programs, apprenticeships, or a manufacturing job. 

Here’s a preview of the new Curriculum Spotlight (link to PDF):

Core Plus Aerospace students learn the history of flight, starting from the earliest legends and going through modern day and beyond. Students study aviation science, such as the forces of flight, how aircraft fly based on Bernoulli’s Principle and Newton’s Third Law, and how flight is controlled. They complete hands-on activities, such as building an air tunnel. Students learn to recognize different aircrafts and how an aircraft is made, following it from the design stage through production. Students also receive an overview of aircraft safety, ground operations, and servicing.

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