Ava Bedker

Lakes High School

Ava is a 2023 Core Plus Aerospace graduate from Lakes High School in Lakewood, Washington. Ava’s first experience with advanced manufacturing was as a Running Start student at Pierce College. She took an engineering class and enjoyed it and then took Core Plus Aerospace.

“Core Plus Aerospace was a lot of fun,” Ava said. “It was really helpful for me to experience learning in a different way and helped me build skills that I can apply in real life.”

Ava’s Core Plus Aerospace instructor, Scott Noe, connected her with opportunities including the Core Plus Aerospace summer internship, hosted by Boeing. Ava completed the internship in the summer of 2023 and learned hands-on skills from Boeing trainers, like how to use tools such as rivet guns, as well as other skills like problem solving and communication.

Ava was recently hired as an Assembler/Installer at Boeing’s Renton facility.

“Core Plus Aerospace helped me develop valuable skills that I can take anywhere,” Ava said. “I want students to know there are so many places you can go with the skills you will learn. It’s an amazing program that can give you direction to what you want to do.”

Mylo Lang

Capital High School

Mylo is a 2018 Core Plus Aerospace graduate from Capital High School in Olympia, Washington. After high school, Mylo accepted a position at Boeing as an Aircraft Structures Mechanic and sharpened his manufacturing skills at work and by enrolling in a community and technical college. He enrolled at South Seattle College and completed the machining program and earned other certifications.

While at Boeing, Mylo has also worked as a Machine Operator and as a tool maker. Currently he is a Manufacturing Machinist Apprentice in the Emergent Operations Organization at Boeing.

“I have been able to learn and labor side by side with a great number of talented and knowledgeable workers,” Mylo said. “I also program and machine some truly incredible aerospace parts, using anything from manual Bridgeport mills to seven axis Integrex CNC mill-turn machines.”

Mylo is also pursuing higher education and is now in his sophomore year learning online at Arizona State University where he’s pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. He also finds time to help the robotics team at Puyallup High School and judge regional CNC programing SkillsUSA competitions at Capital High School. He encourages students to pursue a skilled trade through a program like Core Plus Aerospace because of the satisfaction that you get making something with your hands and mind.

“Core Plus Aerospace gave me the foundational skills to build a career,” Mylo said. “If I keep up my efforts, I will graduate with my Bachelor’s degree, a decent sum started in my retirement account, and a good way towards paying off the mortgage on my home.”

Michelle Sanchez

Renton High School

Michelle is a 2023 Core Plus Aerospace graduate from Renton High School. In high school, Michelle competed in the SkillsUSA Washington Manufacturing Assembler state competition and also participated in the 2022 Core Plus Aerospace summer internship.

“My Core Plus Aerospace experience in high school was the beginning of opportunity,” Michelle said. “It was a foot in the door. I got to go on factory tours and talk to professionals and learn about their experiences.”

After high school, Michelle completed the Community and Technical College Quality Internship at the Boeing factory in Renton. In the fall of 2023 Michelle began her freshman year at the University of Washington where she plans to study aerospace engineering. Michelle’s goal after college is to return to Boeing as an engineer or in a quality assurance role.

“My internships prepared me for college and allowed me the opportunity to see what I can expect after graduation,” Michelle said. “It’s given me the knowledge and hands-on experience that will help me in my career.”

Damarion Williams

Lynnwood High School

Damarion is a 2023 Core Plus Aerospace graduate from Lynnwood High School. While in high school, Damarion competed in the SkillsUSA Washington Manufacturing Assembler Competition and completed projects in his Core Plus Aerospace class that helped prepare him for an interview with Boeing.

“After my experiences in high school, I felt really confident in my skills and thought I could be ready for a manufacturing career,” Damarion said. “I took a leap and applied for a job at Boeing. My interview went well and I was offered an Integral Fuel Cell Assembly position.”

Damarion appreciated the creative freedom in his Core Plus Aerospace class. He said he really enjoyed the hands-on work and the creative freedom. He also credits his instructor Lance Groesbeck for creating a fun and friendly learning environment.

“Mr. Groesbeck is such an awesome guy,” Damarion said. “He’s always willing to help and he makes the lessons and creating things really fun.”

Damarion’s goal is to go to a four-year college and earn a degree in manufacturing or engineering. He said he’s excited about his future and to start a career building planes. He encourages students to explore manufacturing as early as possible.

“I think students should take Core Plus Aerospace because it’s a very fun class and it helps you a lot with life,” Damarion said. At the end of the day, it will help you in the long run and opens up a lot of opportunities for you.”