Connecting Opportunity, Prosperity and Skill Development Programs

How do you ensure hands-on skill development programs in the K-12 and community and technical college systems are aligned to prepare students for the next generation of advanced manufacturing careers?

That’s where Manufacturing Futures comes in. Manufacturing Futures is a new partnership with major industry employers like Boeing to bring together industry, high schools, community and technical colleges, and other hands-on skill development programs to elevate the field of advanced manufacturing. Manufacturing Futures industry partners and its affiliated skill development programs:

    • Champion advanced manufacturing careers as essential, rewarding, and important to the health of our local communities and economy.
    • In partnership, these development programs in high schools and community and technical colleges are building a pipeline of next generation talent to address an aging and retiring manufacturing workforce and to build up a manufacturing sector of tomorrow.
    • Help people of all ages gain the critical skills necessary to thrive in an evolving and rewarding industry.

Three photos of students each working on a hands-on project. All the students are inside of a training facility for advanced manufacturing.

By opening doors to high-demand jobs in aerospace and other advanced manufacturing sectors, the academic programs affiliated with Manufacturing Futures are helping to equip their graduates with in-demand skills that lead to rewarding family-wage jobs, and long-term opportunities for continued growth and development.

Our goal is to elevate educational and skill development programs, the advanced manufacturing industry, and the people who work in the industry through the 21st century and beyond.

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