Careers take Flight

Core Plus Aerospace students graduate high school with skills that lead to amazing careers with growth potential. Grads have an advantage when applying for entry-level manufacturing jobs and apprenticeships or pursuing aligned post-high school degrees, certificates, and licenses. Explore a sampling of advanced manufacturing careers through the stories of Core Plus Aerospace graduates and current Boeing employees. You’ll learn how you can turn hands-on skills learned in a Core Plus Aerospace classroom into a big future.

Tool Maker

A tool maker will plan, layout, fabricate, assemble, and maintain and repair tools and fixtures used in the manufacturing process.

Kai shares what he enjoys about his career and his future goals as a tool maker at Boeing.

Aircraft Sealer

Aircraft Sealers clean and apply sealant to the fuel tank and airplane components such as floors, ribs, spars, wing panels and body structures

Lesieli explains why her job as an aircraft sealer at Boeing is fascinating.


Assembler/Installers install various aircraft parts, assemblies and system components, such as landing gear, aircraft control surfaces, exterior panels, seats, tubing and ducts.

Jasmine shares what she loves most about her job as an assembler/installer at Boeing.

Aircraft Structures Mechanic

Aircraft Structures Mechanics assembles and installs aircraft parts, structural components and sub-assemblies.

Learn the skills and tools Ethan and Kadem Patze use every day as aircraft structures mechanics at Boeing.


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Core Plus Aerospace graduates hired by Boeing since 2015


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Manufacturing jobs in WA, with manufacturing jobs in WA, with average annual compensation of $97K