Grants Available to Support Core Plus Aerospace

Do you work in education? What if you had up to $75,000 to help equip students with career-ready skills? How would you spend it?

The Washington State Legislature doubled down on its support for Core Plus in 2019, approving it as one of multiple pathways to graduation and allocating $900,000 to be distributed each year via competitive grants to start, maintain, and expand Core Plus Aerospace programs. New money for the start-up of Core Plus Maritime programs ($300,000) and Core Plus Construction programs ($150,000) is also available.

The grant process is facilitated by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Below are the names and Form Package numbers as they appear in iGrants. If you do not have an iGrants account, please contact your district office and ask for the iGrants district administrator.

iGrants Form Package 668: Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing Programs – CORE PLUS (Application not yet available; Deadline: Thursday, October 24)

iGrants Form Package 907: Career Preparation and Launch Equipment Grants (Deadline: Tuesday, October 15)

Check out this fact sheet below for more information about the grant funds available, and email with any additional questions you have!