New resource: Continue building skills after graduation

The Core Plus Aerospace manufacturing curriculum is designed to teach relevant, in-demand skills and ensure students graduate with multiple options after high school. Washington has one of the most robust community and technical college systems in the nation, and we want to make sure our Core Plus Aerospace students have the opportunity to learn about the various certificate and degree programs that can support their pursuit of careers in manufacturing after they leave high school. We are excited to announce a new resource that includes a list of aligned courses and training programs across Washington’s community and technical college systems. These programs offer opportunities for students to further build their skill sets in areas such as mechatronics, avionics, tooling, and aviation maintenance.¬†Click below to explore and share this new resource!

Two-year colleges accept applications up until classes start. They are open access, meaning students only need to fill out an application and register. Explore the programs here and learn how to access information about available financial aid and scholarships.